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OX1 - Optical Explorer

An innovative, fast and simple-to-use fiber optic tester, Optical Explorer verifies optical links in seconds and automatically explores further when potential issues are suspected. It’s the first optical fiber multimeter (OFM) — an essential handheld tool for fiber optic technicians, alike to well-known multimeters used for electrical circuits. OFMs do quick measurements of multiple key optical parameters such as loss (dB), optical return loss (dB), length (meters) and power (dBm). It helps technicians verify fiber optic link health and troubleshoot potential issues.

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Verify optical links in seconds and automatically explore further when potential issues are suspected.
Accelerate fiber rollouts, simplify activation procedures and improve robustness of repairs for better QoS and MTTR.

Key Features

  • Displays fiber link KPIs (length, loss and ORL) in under 3 seconds, through single-ended testing
  • On-the-spot detection and location of common causes of failures using EXFO’s patent-pending Fault Explorer
  • Intelligent device:
    › No settings required
    › Contextual wavelength auto-selection
    › Built-in expertise to interpret link KPIs with patent-pending EXFO Advisor (5-star ranking system)
  • Built-in power checker and light source
  • Standalone go/no-go tester for day-to-day installation/repairs or paired with EXFO’s TestFlow mobile app for cloud-storage and full documentation of your jobs
  • Save on cost of ownership: lifetime calibration, no factory returns thanks to our patent-pending Click-Out optical connector
  • Rechargeable battery for over 10 hours of use on a single charge
  • 3-year warranty


  • Verification and troubleshooting of any singlemode fiber link up to 40 km (point-to-point)
  • FTTx service activation: GPON, EPON, XPGS-PON, 10GE EPON
  • FTTx last mile installation and repair, including in-service testing
  • Last mile/access network installation and repair
  • MDU installation
  • Fiber health check-up
  • Power level testing
  • Insertion loss and ORL testing
  • Fiber break location
  • Fault identification and location (splices, connectors, macrobends)

Spec Sheet (PDF)

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